What’s New DW? DWe and Soundworks!

Almost a couple of years ago, we shared the history of DW drums on our website, and if in case you have not seen it yet, here is the link if you feel like it’s worth to check it: https://bestmusicsheet.com/dw-the-history/.

Since 1972, Drum Workshop famously known as DW, has earned its reputation as “The most respected custom drum company in the world.” With its innovative advancements, it continues to revolutionize the craft of custom drums.

Now let’s have a check at how consistent DW is in continuing its legacy when it comes to innovation!


DWe Drums



If you are confused about which is better, an acoustic or an electric drum, well, this could be the answer to your question, introducing, DW Electrified!

To start with, all you need to have, aside from money, is a computer or a laptop to run the software, and everything else you’ll need comes from the kit like the DrumLink wireless hub, and the RTAP Audio processor. According to the drummers who have tried, tested, and experienced it, it is simple and easy to configure.

DWe is so unique that it is the only drum that combines the true, authentic DW acoustic drums engineered with the finest wireless electronics and sounds to make it a standout among the rest. It is fully convertible acoustic-electronic drums which also allows you to add more drums as many as 28-piece kit and be like Terry Bozzio! And guess what? If you feel like doing some jazz groove like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Max Roach, and other jazz legends, you can turn your DW kit to sound like a Slingerland or even Gretsch! And how cool is that? All these with the help of the software called DW Soundworks!

More informations about DWe: https://www.dwdrums.com/dwe/drum-sets/


To help us understand more, here’s a video by Nick D’virgilio of Sweetwater.



DW Soundworks



DW Soundworks is not only for drummers who use the software as the engine for their DWe drumkits, but it is also great for music producers. How? It is because DW Soundworks is a plugin that is universally compatible with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, or VST which enables them to access the DW Soundworks library of the virtual sounds and also the settings in their production workflow.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can add more drums or cymbals to your kits using this software to expand your sound library through Roland Cloud Manager which regularly releases new drum sounds and even artist signature sounds.

The control is totally in your hands, all you have to do is to unleash and elevate the creativity within you!

Software price : 199$

More informations about the software DW Soundworks: www.dwdrums.com/products/deswsoundworks-dw-soundworks/


From tone woods to shell formulations to software, DW is always finding ways to advance the art of drums.”

Stay tuned to keep you updated!

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