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Michael Shrieve, A Legend from the 1969 Woodstock

With his incomparable talent and remarkable contributions to the world of music as a drumming [...]

Frappa’ Dingues show

This exceptional performance featured the participation of 40 students specialized in drums and percussion, under [...]

Roger Taylor, Queen’s Iconic Drummer

His innovative drumming style, prolific songwriting contributions, and magnetic stage presence have left an indelible [...]

Musical Symbols – Lines

In Music, the marks and symbols in musical notation indicate various aspects of how a [...]

Tony Allen, The Master Drummer of Afrobeat

Tony Allen’s innovative style, marked by complex polyrhythms, improvisation, and a deep groove, became the [...]

Tony Williams: A Drumming Prodigy

Tony Williams, not just a drummer, but a visionary artist whose fearless creativity and uncompromising [...]

Max Roach, One of the Most Important Drummers in History?!

Max Roach played a crucial role in the development of bebop, a complex and fast-paced [...]

DW50 Carbon Fiber 5000 Pedal

With the DW50 signature logo carbon fiber footboard and heel plate, this iconic 5000 pedal [...]

What’s New DW? DW 3000 Series Bass Drum Pedal

With these upgraded DW 3000 Series Bass Drum Pedals, everyone will get to experience what [...]

What’s New DW? DWe and Soundworks!

With DW's innovative advancements, it continues to revolutionize the craft of custom drums.

Is Ringo Starr an Underrated or Overrated Drummer?

Ringo Starr's life is a testament to the transformative power of music and resilience. From [...]

Are You Ready for the NAMM Show 2024?!

The NAMM Show or the National Association of Music Merchants Show, features a wide range [...]

James Kottak Bids Goodbye

9 January 2024, the longest-serving drummer of the German hard rock band Scorpions, James Kottak, [...]

Rewind 2023

Looking back to the positive and negative vibes that happened in 2023 before moving on [...]

Aaron Spears, a versatile drummer

His ability to seamlessly blend intricate patterns, powerful grooves, and tasteful dynamics set him apart [...]

Dom Famularo… An Inspiration, Motivator, A Fighter

Dom Famularo is perhaps best known for his work as a drum educator. He was [...]

Sinéad O’Connor, Nothing Compares 2 U

Sinéad O'Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter who gained international recognition for her unique voice, powerful [...]

Roland TM-2 trigger module

It's easy to trigger your own sounds with the TM-2: studio-processed drum sounds, song tracks, [...]

Tony Bennett, The Timeless Jazzy Crooner

One remarkable aspect of Tony Bennett's career is his ability to maintain his vocal prowess [...]

Reminiscing The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Tina Turner

Tina Turner, unique vocals, high-energy performance, the Queen of Rock and Roll. Simply the Best.