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Electric bass anatomy

Here is a diagram with the different elements that make up the electric bass. The [...]

the role of the bassist in a group

What is the role of a bassist in a band, and what is the purpose [...]

Position on bass

In this article we talk about the ideal position for the bass.

Bass Cover – Aretha Franklin – Respect

Respect by Aretha Franklin was considered as one of the best songs of the R&B [...]

Bass Cover – Green Day – American Idiot

The song American Idiot by Green Day is one of the two explicitly political songs [...]

Bass Cover – The Police – Every Breath You Take

According to Sting, who wrote the song in 1982, the song Every Breath You Take [...]

Bass Cover – The Beatles – Come Together

The song Come Together by The Beatles was actually Lennon's attempt to write a campaign [...]

Bass Cover – Bruno Mars – Treasure

The song Treasure by Bruno Mars was inspired by the song Baby I’m Yours by [...]

Bass Cover – Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven

This reggae rock song with influence of new wave and funk, Locked Out of Heaven’s [...]

Bass Cover – Téléphone – Ça C’est Vraiment Toi

Composed by the band Téléphone and sung by Jean-Louis Aubert, the song Ça C'est Vraiment [...]

Bass Cover – The Clash – London Calling

London Calling was written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, where in the title alludes [...]

Bass Cover – The Blues Brothers – She Caught The Katy

She Caught The Katy was written by Taj Mahal and James Rachell. " The Katy [...]

Bass Cover – Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

The song Smells Like Teen Spirit was actually an attempt to write a song in [...]

Bass Cover – Lenny Kravitz – Again

Released as the lead single for the compilation album, the song Again was initially set [...]

Bass Cover – Joe Jackson – On Your Radio

From the album I'm The Man, the song On Your Radio by Joe Jackson was [...]

Bass Cover – The Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago

First recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936, this blues standard song Sweet Home Chicago became [...]

The bass sound of Melody Nelson

On this free bass lesson, you will learn how to make the sound of Dave [...]

Buy a bass guitar

Do you want to buy a bass? here is all the information to help you [...]

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