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Senstroke – Connected sensors for drummers

Redison company contacted me to test the Senstroke sensors system that allows you to play [...]

DW Snare Collector’s Serie Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber isn't a new drum-making material, but it is for DW. For years, players [...]

DW Pancake Gong Drum

You don't have enough place to put a gong drum in your set up? DW [...]

Bass Drum Pedal DW MDD

The MDD® (Machined Direct Drive®) is the new technology for the DW Bass drum pedal. [...]

Snare Drum DW Black Brass Work Horse

The design series have a new baby! The Black Brass Work Horse snare drum, metal, [...]

DW Concert Toms

New series of concert toms from DW. A very open sound in the mind of [...]

Snare Drum DW Collector’s Serie All Maple 6×14′

DW all Maple snare drums are a reference, discover them in this post.

Drumlite System

Drumlite is a LED light system to illuminate your drums.

Cool Claws

The Cool Claws are small accessories used to give a rock edge to your bass [...]

Stage Works

The Stage Works Non-slip Mat is a new gear placed under the bass drum pedal [...]

Cymbal Crown

The Cymbal Crown is used to keep your cymbal in place without using foams and [...]

Stage Works Rimma

The Rimma is used to keep your spare sticks on the bass drum. Very easy [...]


I tested for you the Rim Riser, this brand new accessory invented by James Shepherd.