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Playing Drums In A Band

The following tips will help you play in a band. Did you start to play [...]

Sound of Drums

Each instruments who composed the drum kit have a specific sound. In the post you [...]

Musical Translation

Traduction des termes musicaux principaux qe l'on retrouve sur les partitions de musique. Anglais et [...]

How To Read A Drum Sheet

Learn how to read a drum score, symbols, measurements, repeat signs, time signature. Everything is [...]

Drum anatomy

Do you know what is a drums? Composed by snare drum, bass drum, tom-tom, pedals, [...]

Posture On Drums

Your posture on drums is very important, you mustn’t take bad habits otherwise you may [...]

English/French Drum Translation

Today with the web, we have access to a lot of informations in English language. [...]

Drum Installation

You’ve just bought new or second-hand drums and when you go back home, a question [...]

Drummer’s essential tools

In his bag the drummer must have essential tools to deal with all eventualities like [...]

Drum elements

standard drums are composed of three toms called « high tom », « medium tom [...]