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I tested for you the RimRiser, this brand new accessory invented by James Shepherd. He used to leave his spanner on one of the tie rods, it was by tapping on it by accident that he found the idea.
The first RimRiser was released in 2005, it had 2 tie rods. To make it easier to install, they shortened it to fit on one and added colors to make it more fun.
It is placed on the snare drum to obtain a powerful and unmistakable sound of cross stick.
It exists in 9 colors: Glittery pink, purple, blue, glittery blue, green, red, chrome, black, fluo yellow.


In the box containing the Rim Riser, you will find 2 tie rods, 2 plastic washers, 1 metal washer, a riser, the Rim Riser and the instructions.
The 2 tie rods are longer than those of your snare drum, to be able to put the Rim Riser above your strapping.
Attention, the two tie rods have different screw threads. When you disassemble your snare drum pull rod, compare them so as not to force and break the shell during reassembly. There is a standard 6mm and the other 5mm which fits DW and other custom drums.
The Rim riser is in fact a piece of strapping which is placed above the strapping of the snare drum.


Video 00:00
Play the cross stick on your snare and look where is the tie closest to your stick.
Disassemble it.
Take the tie rod that will fit on your snare drum, slide a plastic washer, the RimRiser, the second plastic washer, the metal washer and finally the riser.
refit the tie rod with the RimRiser.
Tighten to find your snare sound.
The assembly is done in a few minutes, it cannot however be assembled / disassembled live. You must have put it on the snare drum beforehand.


Looking at the height of the RimRiser, my first impression was that it was going to be difficult to play… After a few minutes of play, the position becomes natural and even more pleasant than before.
There is less tension in the wrist and in the fingers for a sound that offers a little more power and roundness.
I play a beat that mixes snare and crossstick. With the RimRiser the cross stick rings right away, hard to miss. The sound is therefore more constant.


In this video, I played a traditional bossa beat in which the cross stick is very present and a rather pop beat. With a Before / After, you will be able to see the result.
00:00 Without Rim Riser.
00:30 Mounting.
01:20 With Rim Riser.

The Rim Riser is around 20€ on the Amazon UK site.


The RimRiser is an excellent accessory that will allow you to succeed for sure your cross stick.
A perfect and constant sound. If the rim of your snare drum is too close to the skin and does not allow you to easily make a cross stick, the Rim Riser is for you. 20€ of investment, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

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