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Buying a drums is not easy when you don’t know the instrument, you need to know the issues so that your purchase is best suited to your environment.
A drums is: noisy, bulky, can damage your floor, is expensive… but there are solutions!

Acoustic drums

buy acoustic drumsThe ideal! It is the one who makes us dream. You must provide a space of 2 x 2 meters to place it, on a carpet if possible (see article on Drum installation). It is an instrument which develops a significant sound volume, the ideal room will be a cellar, an outbuilding, a soundproof studio.
For children, I do not recommend taking so-called “children’s” drums, they are often of lower quality and will not last very long. What we must not forget is that we must enjoy playing and therefore have an instrument that makes us want to surpass ourselves. Choose a drums with “fusion” dimensions, namely drum sizes 20”, 10”, 12”, 14” (the size of the drums is expressed in inches). From 7 years old these drums will be suitable.
Yamaha released a junior kit model with even smaller dimensions, 16″, 10″, 13″ which is very good even for adults but unfortunately the model is no longer made.
The basic configuration consists of a bass drum, a high tom, a mid tom, a bass tom, a snare drum, a bass drum pedal, a hi-hat pedal, a snare drum stand, 2 cymbal stands. (see the article on drum elements)
For a “correct” drum kit you need to count on €600 without the cymbals. It is an investment but it is also the guarantee of a reliable and durable instrument.
There is a very large second-hand market which can allow you to have good equipment but be careful of obsolescence.
If you want to resell your instrument, use classified ads sites (le bon coin, audiofanzine, Zikinf), Socials (facebook) or your drum school, music school.
Brands: Yamaha, Gretsch, Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Sonor, DW.
This is the instrument to have, unfortunately it is not possible for everyone… but there are solutions!

Electronic drums

acheter une batterie électroniqueThis is the most effective solution and partly solves the problems of noise and clutter.
Depending on the model, the drums can only take up 1 x 1 meter, it can be placed without problem in your bedroom or living room. The principle is that you tap on pads (rubber or canvas) connected to a sound module, itself connected to headphones or an amp. The volume is therefore completely adjustable. However, when you hit the pad it creates vibrations which are felt in the ground, you must therefore provide a carpet to absorb the shock and also anti-vibration plates. In an old apartment with a parquet floor, the sound will be transmitted, in new apartments with a concrete slab, the noise will be considerably muffled.
It is therefore the solution for the apartment and small spaces.
An electronic drum is more fragile than an acoustic drum, it should not be left in a damp place, exposed to water or to the sun.
If it is intended for a child, you must be careful, some models do not have much adjustment, particularly in terms of height.
You should not hesitate to pay the price for electronic equipment to get good quality, from €700 the models are robust and have good sound.
Brands: Yamaha, Roland.

The silent drums

buy a silent drums

It is also called study drums, it allows you to work on rhythm and gestures. These are mainly rubber pads attached to a metal frame. Small in size and inexpensive, it will be very useful in addition to an acoustic drum kit to work anywhere and at any time.
Prices: entre 200€ et 300€.
Brands: DW, Stagg.


Mute drumsThey are placed on an acoustic drum, making it completely silent. These are thick rubber plates, we put them on the drum head, there are also some for cymbals.
We will hear a very slight resonance, not disturbing for the neighborhood.
Prices: a complete dru kit with 3 toms, snare drum, bass drum, hihat and 2 cymbals -> 80€
Brands: Evans, Vic Firth.

Mesh drum heads

batterie avec des peaux mesh
They are placed on an acoustic drum, instead of plastic skins. They have 2 uses:
– They are made of canvas making the drum mute.
– But we can also put triggers on these skins to transform them into electronic drums! A trigger is a system that is positioned on the strapping of the drum. Using a sensor, the vibration of the skin is transformed into an electrical impulse. The triggers are connected to a sound module, the same as on an electronic drum.
Your drums therefore has the same advantages: adjusting the sound volume and connecting headphones
For drummers who do not have the possibility of having 2 instruments at home, this is the solution to work day and night with sound.
Prices: between €10 and €60 per skin depending on the size of the drum, around €80 for the trigger.
Brands: skin mesh T-Drum, trigger Roland.

Accessories to provide

Consider buying a music stand at the same time as the drums. It is used to install partitions, it is essential to work correctly.
If you buy an acoustic drum kit, take a pair of earplugs to protect your ears. The volume of a drum kit can be annoying when working for a long time.
You can find more information in the article Drummer’s essential tools.


Whatever drum kit you buy, the most important thing is to have one to play on!! Wouldn’t it occur to you to take guitar lessons without buying a guitar? why wouldn’t it be the same with the drums?!
You cannot learn an instrument without practicing it daily, the body must get used to the position, you must create automatisms.
Invest in a good instrument that you like and that is of good quality. Within your budget of course. Think about the second-hand market…

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