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Here are the sheets added this month.

Celine Dion – Je lui Dirai – ADVANCED
Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero – INTERMEDIATE
Marillion – Lady Nina – ADVANCED
Matmatah – Obscène Anthropocène – INTERMEDIATE
Mashmakhan – As The Years Go By – ADVANCED
Golden Gasoline – Glory Box – INTERMEDIATE

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Best Music Sheet – Drum sheets

Did you know that notation and symbols that define drum sounds on sheet music don't have global rule? For harmonic instruments, C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C are always found on the same lines for identical keys.
For drums, each publisher does as he wants, there are still trends by continent. 
For example in the United States, they will write the bass drum, on G, the snare drum on C and the hi-hat on high F. 
I will admit that, personally, I do not like this notation at all! I find it very "tight"… That's why for a few years now, I've established my own notation with the bass drum on D, the snare drum on B and hi-hat on F, inspired by Agostini drumming methods on which I learned how to play. I found writing these 3 main elements clearer and therefore easier to understand and read.
Find notation and symbols here:

The drym cover videos will be at your disposal on YouTube, 1 video posted every Friday morning. Subscribe to the channel to be kept informed for new videos:
The drum cover videos are of course still available on the website for a symbolic price of 2.99€. Find them here: Drum cover videos
And there I can hear you already tell me: "But why I will pay for this video when it is free on Youtube?!"… And yes why?
Well so that you have it on your computer, tablet and smartphone without a connection to the Internet for example. YouTube, for copyright reasons, deletes the videos one after the other at the request of publishers, so they risk disappearing step by step.
I create a new free service, to take full advantage of the videos in an educational context, I suggest you slow down the videos available on the website, by simple request by email. This is to help you in your learning process.

Jasmin wrote us a superb article to discover Viola Smith, the worthy heir to Gene Krupa. You know her ? Find the post here: Viola Smith

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