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Happy new year!!

I wish you a wonderful new year and thank you for your loyalty and support for all these years. New arrivals will arrive this year, I’ll let you know very soon 😉

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my free courses posted last month. Leave me your comments on the pages, did you like it?

About the easy drums sheet music, if after buying the sheet music of a piece, you realize that it is difficult for you to play, do not hesitate to ask me for the easy sheet music, I could sell it in outside the pack.

New posts

A post to discover all the Michael Jackson drummers:

The Drummers and Percussionists of Michael Jackson

And one with my cymbals setup you watch in the videos:

My cymbals setup – Sebastien Poitevin

New drum sheets

Charlie Taracena – Learning to Fly cover – INTERMEDIATE
Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones – INTERMEDIATE
Green Day – Last Night on Earth – BEGINNER
Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy – INTERMEDIATE
Peter et Sloane – Besoin de Rien Envie de Toi – BEGINNER
Phil Collins – Hand in Hand – ADVANCED
PJ Harvey – Good Fortune – INTERMEDIATE
Rainbow – Stargazer – ADVANCED
Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild – INTERMEDIATE
Tagada Jones – Pas de Futur – ADVANCED

New drum sheet easy

Phil Collins – Hand in Hand
Rainbow – Stargazer

New drum covers

David Bowie – Let’s Dance
Dido – Don’t Think of Me
Lionel Richie – Say You Say Me
Peter & Sloane – Besoin de Rien, Envie de Toi

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