How to tune a guitar

In this post, we show you how to tune a guitar. The method is the same for an electric, acoustic, folk or classical guitar.
For bass, it’s the same principle.

To tune a guitar, we will need a tuner.

Tuner operation:

Mostly the tuners are needle or LED. The right note is in the center of the half circle.
If the needle is on the left, the note is too low, it is necessary to tighten the rope. If the needle is on the right, the note is too high, you have to relax the string.

The majority of tuners use the Anglo-Saxon, a letter is equivalent to a note:
Do = C
Re = D
Mi = E
Fa = F
Sol = G
The = A
Si = B

Recall :
The notes of the guitar strings from top to bottom are:
E – A – D – G – C – E

The notes of the bass strings from top to bottom are:
4 strings bass: E – A – D – G
Bass 5 strings: B – E – A – D – G
6 strings bass: B – E – A – D – G – C


Relax the string then tune until the tuner validates the note.
If it seems too high or if you have a doubt, do not hesitate to relax again and start the operation again.

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