Afrobeat grooves on drums by Tony Allen

In this video, discover Tony Allen, the pioneer of Afrobeat on drums, performing five iconic grooves of the genre. Sébastien Poitevin has meticulously transcribed these rhythms and shares them with you below. To learn more about the fascinating life of Tony Allen, check out the article titled “Tony Allen, The Master Drummer of Afrobeat“. Additionally, you have the option to download these Afrobeat grooves by following this link: Free drum lesson – 5 Afrobeat drum grooves by Tony Allen

GROOVE 1 - 00:04


GROOVE 2 - 00:37

GROOVE 3 - 00:55


GROOVE 4 - 01:15


GROOVE 5 - 01:31

Explore our free drum course titled “5 Afrobeat Drum Grooves by Tony Allen“, where you’ll find not only faithful transcriptions of the grooves but also enriching variations and beginner-friendly simplified adaptations. This content is specially designed to immerse you in the heart of the Afrobeat style, thanks to the musical legacy of Tony Allen.

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