Drum sheet – Jessie J – Price Tag

Artist : Jessie J
song : Price Tag
Album : Who you are – 2011
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : R’n’B – 88 – 4/4 – 04:04
Musician : Richard Adlam
page : 1
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

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Price Tag“, a vibrant and catchy single by Jessie J, co-written with producer Dr. Luke and songwriter Claude Kelly, catapulted to global fame following its release in 2011. The song features on Jessie J‘s debut album, “Who You Are“, and quickly became a standout hit due to its upbeat rhythm and a strong message advocating the joy of life over material wealth.

The genesis of “Price Tag” occurred when Jessie J and Claude Kelly were brainstorming in the studio with Dr. Luke, aiming to create a song that was not only melodic and catchy but also conveyed a powerful message. Jessie J was keen on writing something that would resonate with her ideals of simplicity and authenticity, themes that are clearly reflected in the lyrics. The song’s chorus, “It’s not about the money, money, money / We don’t need your money, money, money,” emphasizes the importance of things that aren’t tangible and can’t be bought.

For fans of the drums, “Price Tag” provides an enjoyable listening experience with its clean, crisp drum tracks that add a bouncy rhythm to the tune. The drums in “Price Tag” are particularly notable for their role in creating the song’s lively and joyful beat. This backdrop allows Jessie J‘s vocals to shine while providing a rhythmic precision that is both infectious and uplifting. The drumming is straightforward yet effective, punctuating the song’s catchy hooks and enhancing its danceable groove.

Jessie J has performed “Price Tag” at numerous venues across the world, making it one of her signature songs. It was notably featured in her performances at major music festivals and award shows, including the Glastonbury Festival and the BRIT Awards. Each live performance of “Price Tag” tends to highlight the drums prominently, ensuring that the song’s vibrant energy and rhythm are conveyed effectively to the audience. The live drumming adds an extra layer of dynamism to the performances, engaging the audience and often leading to sing-alongs.

The song not only achieved commercial success, topping charts in multiple countries but also received critical acclaim for its catchy tune and meaningful lyrics. The music video, which presents a colorful and whimsical world, perfectly complements the song’s theme by using visuals that feel playful and light-hearted.

Overall, “Price Tag” remains a beloved track for many, including drum enthusiasts who appreciate the song’s rhythmic appeal. Its message about the value of life’s simple joys, combined with compelling drum beats, continues to resonate, making it a timeless piece in Jessie J’s career.

2 versions of the drum part:
– With 16th notes
– With 8th notes

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