Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

Artist : Yes
song : Owner of a Lonely Heart
Album : 90125 – 1983
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Rock – 124 – 4/4 – 4:26
Musician : Alan White
pages : 3
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

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Yes” embarked on a sonic journey with their iconic song “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” released in 1983 as part of their eleventh studio album, “90125.” A departure from their earlier progressive rock sound, this track marked a significant shift toward a more pop-oriented and accessible style. For drum enthusiasts, Alan White‘s rhythmic finesse became a key element in the revitalized sound of “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

The composition of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” was a collaborative effort involving members of Yes, including Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire, and Alan White. The band, known for their intricate and progressive musical approach, embraced a new direction in this song, influenced by the emerging trends of the early 1980s. Trevor Rabin’s guitar riff, which became the iconic backbone of the track, was initially part of a demo he presented to the band. The fusion of Rabin’s guitar work, Anderson’s distinctive vocals, and Squire’s bass lines laid the foundation for the song’s distinctive sound.

Alan White‘s drumming in “Owner of a Lonely Heart” is a masterclass in precision and energy. The opening drum pattern, characterized by its syncopated and dynamic nature, immediately grabs the listener’s attention. White’s ability to navigate the rhythmic complexities of the song while maintaining a driving momentum contributes significantly to its overall impact. His use of electronic drums and percussion elements reflects the band’s willingness to embrace new technologies, aligning with the contemporary musical landscape.

The recording of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” took place at several studios, including Sarm West Studios in London, where Trevor Horn, a renowned producer, played a pivotal role in shaping the song’s polished and innovative sound. Horn’s production techniques, coupled with the band’s musical experimentation, resulted in a chart-topping hit that revitalized Yes’s career and introduced their music to a new generation of listeners.

Yes” performed “Owner of a Lonely Heart” on various stages, including during their “9012Live” tour in 1984. The band’s live renditions showcased Alan White‘s drumming prowess, capturing the energy and intensity of the studio version while allowing for improvisational elements. The song became a staple in their setlists, demonstrating its enduring popularity among fans.

For drum enthusiasts, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” remains a standout example of Alan White‘s technical prowess and adaptability. His drumming, characterized by its intricate patterns and dynamic shifts, adds a layer of complexity to the song that resonates with fans of progressive rock and pop alike. As “Yes” continues to be celebrated for their musical evolution, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” stands as a testament to their ability to embrace change while delivering a timeless and influential piece of music.


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