Video drum cover – Kiss – I Was Made for Lovin’ You

Artist : Kiss
song : I Was Made for Lovin’ You
Album : Dynasty – 1979
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Rock – 128 – 4/4 – 4:33
Musician : Anton Fig
pages : 2
Version : Album + Single
Level : Intermediate

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I Was Made for Lovin’ You” by Kiss is a standout track that marked a bold foray into the disco era, blending rock with the infectious rhythms of the dance floor. The song was part of their 1979 album Dynasty and remains one of their most iconic hits.

The composition of “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” began with Paul Stanley, who wanted to create a song that would bridge the gap between rock and the then-dominant disco sound. Inspired by the success of disco music, Stanley sought to experiment with a different style while maintaining the band’s signature rock edge. The song was co-written with producer Desmond Child and drummer Vini Poncia, who also produced the Dynasty album. The trio aimed to craft a song that was catchy and danceable but still retained the powerful, driving energy of Kiss‘s music.

One of the most notable features of “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” is the drumming by Peter Criss. However, for this track, Criss was largely replaced by session drummer Anton Fig due to Criss‘s ongoing health and substance issues at the time. Fig‘s drumming is crisp and precise, anchoring the song with a steady disco beat that perfectly complements the pulsating bassline and shimmering guitar riffs. His use of the hi-hat and snare drum drives the rhythm forward, creating a beat that’s both hypnotic and propulsive, a perfect blend for both rock and disco audiences.

Kiss first performed “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” during their tour to promote Dynasty. The song quickly became a staple in their live shows, celebrated for its anthemic chorus and energetic performance. It was performed at Madison Square Garden and became a highlight of their concerts worldwide, from Japan to Australia. The infectious beat and sing-along chorus made it a fan favorite, ensuring it remained a permanent fixture in their setlists.

The song’s legacy endures not only because of its chart success but also because of its distinctive drumming. Fig’s contribution provided a fresh, danceable groove that contrasted with the more straightforward rock drumming that fans were used to. This bold fusion of styles showcased Kiss‘s versatility and willingness to innovate, proving that they could masterfully blend genres to create something truly memorable. For drum enthusiasts, “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” stands as a testament to the power of rhythm in defining a song’s identity and appeal.

Sample drum sheet of I Was Made for Lovin You by Kiss single version

Sample drum sheet of I Was Made for Lovin by Kiss You album version

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