Video Drum Cover – Andreas Johnson – Glorious

Artist : Andreas Johnson
song : Glorious
Album : Liebling – 1999
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Rock – 103 – 4/4 – 3:30
Musician : Andreas Dahlbäck
pages : 2
Version : Album
Level : Beginner

Glorious” by Andreas Johnson is a song that encapsulates the vibrant essence of late 90s pop-rock. Released in 1999, it became an international hit, characterized by its uplifting melody and anthemic chorus. For fans of the drums, the track is a delightful experience, showcasing rhythmic precision and dynamic energy.

Andreas Johnson, a Swedish artist, co-wrote “Glorious” with his longtime collaborator Peter Kvint. The composition process was highly collaborative, with Johnson bringing in the lyrical and melodic ideas while Kvint contributed significantly to the arrangement and production. They aimed to create a song that would resonate universally, blending catchy hooks with a robust, rock-influenced sound.

The recording process took place in Stockholm, where Johnson and Kvint meticulously crafted the track. The drums, played by Andreas Dahlbäck, are particularly noteworthy for their crisp, driving beats that propel the song forward. Dahlbäck’s performance is marked by a perfect balance of power and finesse, providing a steady backbone that complements the song’s anthemic quality.

The drum production on “Glorious” was a critical element in achieving its polished sound. They used a combination of live drum recordings and programmed elements to ensure clarity and impact. Dahlbäck’s drums were recorded using a mix of close-miking techniques to capture the detail and room mics to add ambience and depth. The resulting sound is both punchy and expansive, giving the song its distinctive energy.

Glorious” was not only a studio triumph but also a live performance staple. Andreas Johnson toured extensively following the song’s release, performing it at numerous venues and festivals across Europe. The live rendition of “Glorious” often featured extended drum solos, much to the delight of drum enthusiasts. These performances highlighted the song’s rhythmic complexity and showcased Andreas Dahlbäck’s skills, allowing the drums to shine even more prominently than in the studio version.

One notable performance was at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, where Johnson performed “Glorious” during the interval. This performance reached millions of viewers and solidified the song’s status as a modern classic. The live drums, combined with the enthusiastic crowd, created an electrifying atmosphere that captured the song’s spirit.

Overall, “Glorious” remains a testament to Andreas Johnson‘s songwriting prowess and Andreas Dahlbäck’s drumming excellence. The track’s rhythmic elements are integral to its success, making it a timeless favorite for fans of energetic and well-crafted pop-rock music.

Sample drum sheet of Glorious by Andreas Johnson

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