Sebastien Poitevin – Bass Drum Technique Part 1

Artist : Sebastien Poitevin
topic : Improve your bass drum technique Part 1
Album : –
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Ballad – – 4/4 –
Musician : Sebastien Poitevin
pages : 25
Version : NC
Level : Beginner

25 exercises to improve your bass drum speed and accuracy in triplets.
25 videos à 60 / 100 / 140 bpm


This course will help you gain speed with the bass drum.
Here's the recommended method:

  • – Practice the exercises slowly with the metronome, start at 50 BPM.
  • – 1 minute for each exercise, so it's 25 minutes each day.
  • – Practice at the same speed for one week then increase by 1 or 2 BPM. It may seem ridiculously low but you'll notice the efficiency in the long term. You have to work your muscles as a sportsman.
  • – In the video example, I play on the floor tom and the snare. When you feel at ease with this exercise, change the sounds. Try different tom and cymbal combinations, etc.
  • – Learn rhythmic phrases by heart to create your own vocabulary.
  • – At the end of the practice session, play the exercises as fills. For example, 3 beat bars + 1 fill bar. With your current session tempo.

Want to go further?
If you have a double pedal or two bass drums:

  • – Practice the exercises with the second foot.
  • – Change the bass drum interpretation: 1 single kick = right foot / 1 kicks = right-left (or vice versa)
  • – Replace the drum bass with the foot hi-hats.

Videos with all the exercises. They are played at 3 different speeds: 60 BPM — 100 BPM — 140 BPM. Each bar starts with a metronome click and remains present throughout the exercise to help you understand where the rhythmic figures are located.

Educational tools will help you practice the exercises. All the metronome tracks between 50 BPM and 150 BPM (in pair increments) are available. you can visit the Metronome page for higher speeds.
You can also download these tracks and play them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The lesson in PDF format to print the exercises and practice them offline. You can also send them to your smartphone, tablet or computer and practice them anytime.

Don't forget that all you'll learn in these exercises can be played in many situations. Memorize these exercises, rhythmic figures to learn vocabulary that will help you throughout your apprenticeship.


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