Drum sheet – Lady Gaga – Shallow

Artist : Lady Gaga
song : Shallow
Album : A Star Is Born – 2018
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Pop – 96 – 4/4 – 03:37
Musician :
page : 1
Version : Album
Level : Beginner

Shallow“, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, is the mesmerizing anthem from the critically acclaimed film “A Star is Born“. Released in 2018, the song has become synonymous with the emotional depth and raw passion displayed in the movie. Lady Gaga co-wrote the song with Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando, and Mark Ronson, bringing together a talented team of musicians and lyricists to craft a masterpiece.

For a drum enthusiast, the percussive elements in “Shallow” are particularly captivating. The song opens with a simple yet powerful drumbeat, setting the tone for the emotional journey that follows. The driving force of the drums throughout the song adds a heartbeat-like rhythm, creating a sense of urgency and intensity that complements the narrative of the film. The drumming, played by renowned percussionist Josh Tillman, adds a layer of dynamism to the track, enhancing the overall sonic experience.

The composition process involved a collaborative effort to capture the essence of the characters in the film. The lyrics reflect the vulnerability and yearning of two individuals finding solace in each other amidst the complexities of fame and love. Lady Gaga‘s powerhouse vocals, coupled with Bradley Cooper’s heartfelt delivery, create a musical dialogue that resonates with the audience. The interplay between Lady Gaga‘s vocals and the stirring drum accompaniment builds a crescendo of emotion, making “Shallow” an unforgettable listening experience.

The song’s debut on the big screen occurs in a pivotal scene within “A Star is Born“, where Lady Gaga‘s character, Ally, joins Bradley Cooper’s character, Jackson Maine, on stage for a duet. The electrifying live performance takes place at the fictional Glastonbury Festival within the film, and the chemistry between the characters intensifies as the song progresses. This iconic moment showcases not only the vocal prowess of Lady Gaga but also the instrumental prowess, with the drums contributing to the song’s anthemic power.

Beyond the film, Lady Gaga has incorporated “Shallow” into her live performances, including her Las Vegas residency, “Enigma.” The song has been a highlight of her setlist, allowing fans to experience the emotional intensity of the track in a concert setting. The live renditions often feature the drums prominently, emphasizing the song’s rhythmic foundation and enhancing its impact on the audience.

Shallow” stands as a testament to the collaborative genius behind Lady Gaga‘s artistry. For a fan of drums, it provides an immersive journey where the percussive elements play a crucial role in shaping the song’s emotional landscape. From its origins in the film to the live performances on stage, “Shallow” continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers and drum enthusiasts alike.


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