Drum Sheet – The Cranberries – Linger

Artist : The Cranberries
song : Linger
Album : Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? – 1993
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Pop – 94 – 4/4 – 4:34
Musician : Fergal Lawler
pages : 2
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

Linger” by The Cranberries is a timeless ballad that has left an indelible mark on the music scene since its release in 1993. The song, penned by the band’s lead vocalist Dolores O’Riordan, is a poignant exploration of love, heartache, and longing, showcasing her unique ability to infuse raw emotion into her lyrics.

The genesis of “Linger” lies in the early 1990s when The Cranberries were gaining momentum as an alternative rock band. O’Riordan wrote the song during a period of emotional turbulence, drawing inspiration from personal experiences. The composition process was a collaborative effort within the band, with guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan, and drummer Fergal Lawler contributing their musical prowess to craft the distinctive sound of “Linger.”

The heartbeat of the song, particularly captivating for drum enthusiasts, is Fergal Lawler’s rhythmic mastery. His delicate and restrained drumming complements the song’s ethereal quality, providing a solid foundation for the emotional narrative. Lawler’s nuanced playing reflects a deep understanding of the song’s emotional landscape, as he seamlessly navigates between gentle percussion and powerful crescendos.

The band recorded “Linger” for their debut album, “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” The album, released in 1993, catapulted The Cranberries into international acclaim. The track’s success was not immediate, but it eventually gained widespread popularity, becoming one of the band’s signature songs. “Linger” stands out for its dreamy melody, O’Riordan’s soul-stirring vocals, and, of course, Lawler’s skillful drumming.

The Cranberries played “Linger” at various venues during their tours, captivating audiences with the song’s emotional depth and the band’s electrifying live performances. The song became a staple in their setlists, creating memorable moments for fans who reveled in the magic of the live rendition.

Over the years, “Linger” has remained a fan favorite, resonating across generations. Its timeless appeal and the skillful interplay of instruments, especially the drums, continue to captivate enthusiasts of The Cranberries‘ musical legacy. The song’s enduring popularity pays tribute to the band’s artistry and the emotional connection forged through their music, making “Linger” a classic that transcends time and genre.

sample of the drum sheet of Linger by The Cranberries


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