Drum Sheet – Blondie – One Way or Another

Artist : Blondie
song : One Way or Another
Album : Parallel Lines – 1978
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Rock – 163 – 4/4 – 3:31
Musician : Clem Burke
pages : 2
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

One Way or Another” by Blondie is a track from their third studio album, Parallel Lines, released in 1978. The song, which became one of the band’s signature hits, showcases a perfect blend of punk rock and new wave, driven by its infectious rhythm and Debbie Harry’s distinctive vocals.

The song was inspired by Debbie Harry’s personal experience with a stalker. Harry wrote the lyrics as a way to cope with and express the fear and frustration she felt during this troubling time. The result is a song that mixes playful menace with energetic defiance. The juxtaposition of the upbeat, almost pop-like melody with the darker, intense lyrics creates a compelling dynamic that captures listeners’ attention.

The composition process for “One Way or Another” was collaborative. The band’s bassist, Nigel Harrison, co-wrote the song with Harry. Stein’s guitar riff provides a catchy hook that, along with the driving rhythm section, forms the backbone of the song. The combination of Stein’s sharp guitar work and Harry’s emotive vocal delivery made the song stand out on the album.

Drumming in “One Way or Another” is particularly noteworthy. Clem Burke, Blondie‘s drummer, is known for his energetic and precise drumming style. In this song, Burke‘s drumming is both relentless and dynamic, providing a pulsating rhythm that propels the song forward. His use of rapid hi-hat hits and snare accents adds a sense of urgency and excitement, which perfectly complements the song’s lyrical theme of pursuit and determination.

One Way or Another” quickly became a staple in Blondie‘s live performances. The band played it at various notable venues and events, including their concerts at CBGB, a famous New York City club that was central to the punk rock scene in the late 1970s. The song’s high energy made it a fan favorite and a highlight of their shows. Blondie‘s performance of “One Way or Another” at the Hammersmith Odeon in London and their appearance on television programs such as The Midnight Special and Top of the Pops helped cement the song’s status as a rock anthem.

For fans of drumming, Clem Burke‘s performance on “One Way or Another” is a masterclass in rock drumming. His ability to maintain a high energy level while delivering precise, impactful beats showcases his exceptional talent and contributes significantly to the song’s enduring popularity. The synergy between the rhythmic elements and the melodic hooks in “One Way or Another” is a testament to Blondie‘s skillful musicianship and innovative approach to rock music.

Sample drum sheet of One Way or Another by Blondie


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