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Bundle Drum Sheet Easy – Pink Floyd – What Do You Want From Me

Artist : Pink Floyd
song : What Do You Want From Me
Album : The Division Bell – 1994
Style – Tempo – Signature – Length : Rock – 52 – 4/4 – 4:23
Musician : Nick Mason
pages : 2
Version : Album
Level : Intermediate

What Do You Want from Me” is a track from Pink Floyd‘s 1994 album, The Division Bell. The album marked the second without founding member Roger Waters and showcased the collaborative spirit of the remaining members: David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. This song, in particular, stands out for its robust instrumentation and evocative lyrics, making it a favorite among fans.

The composition process for “What Do You Want from Me” began in the early 1990s during sessions held on David Gilmour‘s houseboat-turned-recording studio, the Astoria. Gilmour, along with his wife Polly Samson, who contributed to the lyrics, sought to create a song that reflected themes of communication and misunderstanding—both personal and societal. The lyrics explore the pressures and expectations placed on individuals, a theme that resonated deeply with the band during this period of their career.

Nick Mason‘s drumming on the track is particularly noteworthy. Known for his precise and understated style, Mason delivers a performance that is both powerful and nuanced. His drumming provides a steady backbone to the song, with a driving rhythm that propels the music forward. The use of cymbals and toms adds a dynamic range, giving the track a sense of depth and movement. Mason‘s ability to balance restraint and intensity is on full display, making the drums an integral part of the song’s emotional impact.

The recording of “What Do You Want from Me” took place at Britannia Row Studios in London, as well as the Astoria. The band employed a range of techniques to capture the intricate details of their performances. Mason‘s drumming was recorded using a combination of close miking for clarity and ambient miking to capture the natural reverb of the studio spaces. This approach helped create a rich, layered sound that complements the song’s complex structure.

The song was first performed live during Pink Floyd‘s 1994 world tour, promoting The Division Bell. Notable performances include their set at Earls Court in London, which was later released as part of the live album Pulse. These live renditions allowed Mason to showcase his drumming prowess, energizing the audience with his rhythmic precision and dynamic range. The synergy between the band members during these performances underscored the collaborative spirit that defined this era of Pink Floyd.

What Do You Want from Me” remains a testament to Pink Floyd‘s ability to evolve and adapt, even amid internal and external pressures. For fans of the drums, Nick Mason‘s contribution is a masterclass in how percussion can enhance and elevate a song, making it a standout track in the band’s extensive catalog.

Sample drum sheet of What Do You Want From Me by Pink Floyd

2 drum sheets: Normal version + easy version


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